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IT Key West

- History of IT Key West

Keith and Caroline started this business in 2009, in part because many of their friends in Key West who owned businesses were having problems finding experienced, reliable computer help. Keith used his past experience as a programmer, network administrator and IT project manager to start providing IT services to the businesses of Key West. Caroline leveraged her business experience and marketing abilities to help the company grow and become more efficient. As businesses became more dependent on the computer systems and Internet connectivity, we needed more help, so we hired Vale. Now the three of us work hard to make sure all of our clients are spending their time on what they do best, not on fixing their IT systems.

Our Dedicated Team

Your team of dedicated professionals work tirelessly to provide a top-quality IT solutions to our customers in Key West.

Vale Gvelukashvili

Originally from the Republic of Georgia (on the Black Sea), Vale has working in a diverse group of businesses and government branches as Systems and Network Engineer, Security Specialist and IT Manager.  He is trained and certified in Windows Server operating systems, Computer Security and MikroTik Networking.  In addition to Windows Server environments, Vale has also administered Linux based systems and SQL database servers.  Connections with friends brought Vale to Key West where he appreciates the small town atmosphere and was lucky enough to meet his wife here, they now have a son named Luka.

Caroline Taylor

The foliage and weather of Key West reminded Caroline of her years of growing up in Kenya, so, after a vacation in Key West, she decided to move here – that was 20 years ago!  A degree in Cultural Anthropology, acting on the local stage and sailing on a small boat, all helped her in some way to prepare for being part of IT Key West.  In the business she does accounting and strategic planning, but that is not all, she also does rental management, local theater acting and keeps Samara (Caroline & Keith’s daughter) learning something new everyday.

Keith MacDonald

The first summer job Keith had in college was working with a DOS based database system tracking blueprints for a government contractor.  This work inspired him to pursue programming, but programming never satisfied his curiosity of computers, so over the years he expanded into building computer, servers and networks.  Along the way he realized that it was also rewarding to provide training and bridge the gap between technology and the “end user”.  Corporate life took it’s toll and in 1998 Keith quit it all and moved to Key West, becoming a boat captain.  When Keith & Caroline’s daughter, Samara was born in 2009, Keith decided to get back to IT, but on his own terms now – no corporate culture in this little company!