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Support & Software Experience

Any healthcare organization’s top priority should be its patients and we understand this. Our highly skilled & certified technicians specialize in end-to-end technology support for the healthcare industry. IT Key West focuses on your IT infrastructure’s well-being, so you can focus on your practice.


Our experts are well-versed in the long line of regulations healthcare organizations must abide by. We know that HIPAA noncompliance could jeopardize your ability to provide patient services and put you at risk for hefty fines. Our customized solutions and proactive approach helps ensure your practice or organization is always one step ahead when it comes to compliance. Call us to find out more on how we proactively keep mission-critical applications running smoothly and reliably 24x7x365.

Disaster Recovery

From natural disasters and power outages to cyber-attacks, today’s network systems are vulnerable to a variety of disruptive forces. Our highly skilled technicians can help you implement rock-solid disaster recovery and business continuity plans to cover you, your patients and your reputation.